..agak-agak xsuka lagu ganas2 leylaa click speaker yg kt ats 2 tuk off dat song n play lak diz song yg agk lembut cket..hehe~
..layanz laa beb..huu~
^(Melly Goeslow-Tanyakan pada Rumput Yang Bergoyang)^
^(Nera Af9-kasihku milikmu)^
^(sekali lagi ost)^

..desu Noo-to..

.. world of da dead soul of a gurl..enjoy~ v(^,~) ..hee~

omoshiroi no koto de~..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sucks day..

aq tlah dtunjukkn ssuatu..n aq tlah dpt mmastiknnye dr ctu..yaaah,datz da fact..what i can do here is dat,people all around me,da most n vry kind wit me,suddenly i find out dat they're juz acting cool..haha~nothing special huh!but after i found out,quite hard laa yar my heart 2 accept dat..juz now i need 2 b more careful in choosing a fwenz..not all of them r kind,not all of them r cool,nice n etc..datz ol sucks 4 me,liar avrywhere...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

naani atten dayo..?

what am i going to do after i've heard of what they're talking bout yesterday..hmm..after heard it..i dun know what kinda reaction dat i should create..4 a while im smiling,few minutes later i dun know what kinda reaction dat appears on my face,fuh,seb bek tmpt aq is a closed n private area..huu~maybe dat tyme, my mind is struggling thinking smthg o my heart is hurting..hurmm..dunno laa yarr..i need 2 motivate myself so dat,dat kinda expression did not bothering me 4 da whole time when i'm facing them ol..no matter what,i need 2 go,i need 2..we need 2 separate for awhile..or maybe a year..i don't know..i don't want people 2 know me,the more long-period of timt they stay with me,they'll started 2 know me,perhaps,what i show them is not da real of me,da fake one,perhaps,n they started 2 think that they know me WELL,huh!i'm juz acting laa yar,n i can see it through their action,n if da 'fake me' stated in their mind,then,i'll b kinda bad,terrible,worst,irresponsible,low-standard person..huh,datz not me laa yarr..datz da fake side of me,surroundings whose create da fake of me,persons at my surrounding..what da joke is that?what am i gonna do in da future?the unpredictable things would happen,n i dun like it,if da things is dat hurt n hurting me continously..i'm scared of if there's no more stock of heart's curing method left in my archive..dat'll b worst..seresly,it'll b worst..

..iklan sebentar..