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..layanz laa beb..huu~
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

presentation tuk resources studio j'maat lps..perghh,akhrnye an..huhu~

haih2..akhrnye,da smpai jgk ke penghujungnya sem ni an..bnyk yg terjadi..camera aq ilang laa encet cikai akaq aq ilang gak laa..adeh..xpe am,xpe,redha jalaa..insyaAllah,de rezki aq dslr t dptlaa an..huhuhu~lalala~

huhU~ni aq nk tnjuk cket board2 group aq..huhu~then kemudiannya board individu lak..hehe~enjoy laa beb yerr..huhu~

hmm,ni board 1st group master plan..nak aq trgkn ker?da pnatlaa,bace laa sndri yerk..hahaha~
alolo cian,meh lew aq cte cecikit...huhu~
Kawasan kitorg actuallly tertumpu somewhere around riverine area..Kota Tinggi laa yg mnjd site kitorg sem ni..hmm,mmmg da whole riverine n coastal area laa,alaa,pepantai yg indah2 tuu~huhu~tp group aq lak dpt kt kwsn dkat river,ade sg santi,sg Lebam,naseblaa klo dak jb xpna dengaq nename ni skalian yerk(haha,aq lew 2..huhu~)..dush,pjg pulak bicaranya am ni,ni haa strusnye board kedua group aq..

conceptual development board n then diikuti board third iaitu master plan kitorg,besshaa~ 2 site kitorg,cian Lua Kian Chun(Coldsplay hair guy),huhu~die uat cam nk letup pale sbb lappy lem nk maty..huhu~

ni haa lew board master plannye..

ni lak board management plan..

ni board section of our riverine area cut through..huhu~

kire sem ni mmg aq uat tnpe b'dansa laa gak an..haha~adeh..hmm,tp bile dpkiq2 alek sem dpn aq da final year..yeayyyy!!!syiokkkknyerrrr..huhu~hmm,tnpe mmbuang mase meh kiter belek aq punye indvdual board..huhu~japlaa nk bebel sbntr smntre dok nunggu ie loading..hmm,sem ni beda gaklaa dgn sem yg lps,aq xpat naek sketchup..cuz bnyk mndelaaa..haiihh..tp Alhamdulillah laa,sttle gak akhrnye..huhu~

owait..now i'm gonna tell ya a story about Tanjung Buai itself..as an introduction, i'll briefly explain bout Kota Tinggi..

Kota Tinggi is a town in the state of Johor of Malaysia, located around 42 kilometers north-east of Johor Bahru, on the road to Mersing. It name (Kota Tinggi) has its own history which was given by Sultan Mahmud because of the high ground it was built on when compared to the river level. This town also known as a historical town because the Sultanate of Johor was established there and many historical events are found here including at Tanjung Buai.
During the reign of the Johor-Riau-Lingga Sultanate which was centred in the old Johor, Kampung Tanjung Buai became the transit point for merchants for India, Arab countries and the Malay Archipelago due to its suitable location to drop anchor. The cape that could be found at the end of the village protected the ships from strong winds.The Tanjung Buai villagers decided to name their land as Tanjung Buai because that place used to be the garden for the king’s children, where they liked to play with the tree swing that could be found somewhere near the headland.

Heritage resource is genuine things that convey the evident element of local heritage. It can be categorized into several character such as sites, services, events, tours, routes, products and living treasures. The relationship between community and landscapes are also the anthr category. In other hand, all interpretations about heritage are depending on who tell the stories. Definition on interpretation in term of heritage resources is that it is the art of an explaination of the natural, historic or cultural significance of a resource to the public. It is not enough for a resource to be a significant part of the country’s natural, historic, or cultural heritage – it must convey that message to visitors through effective interpretation. Heritage products such as endemic folk, decorative art, craft, or trade object that authentically reflect to a local heritage. Heritage products are usually man made. It is made by locally skills artisan, craftsmen and trade people. Every motive or design for the heritage products showing the originality, the relationship between traditional form and heritage to be emphasized. Other than that, the heritage products are not manufactured and massly produced but they are only made by skills artisan and expertise.(Source: http://landarchymalaysia.blogspot.com/)

Well,what can i conclude here is that due to the heritage resource that naturally exist at Tanjung Buai,it can be used as human exploitation in order to execute a success tourism sector within that area,along with the sustainable development implementation. It such a waste if we, as human being not use it well..well,yeah,you can use the resource but still u need to do something to recover what you have done to the environments..

here are my boards which is my concept 'Swing with Nature' with the aim to make it as an edu-ecological park..what i mean here by swing with nature is that,swinging all the locals community or activity around with the nature;that is mangrove replantation, propose an orchards and enjoy an impressive view of nature. Within these area,activities are swing or move along with nature,by saying that such as boardwalk along mangrove area, jogging within an orchards which people can plucking fruits and take a rest for awhile after having a long journey,playing swing under a tree that was made especially for those who meant to be,and so on which is logically you can expect from my site with the jetty,camping area,school as an educational centre,the mosque and also the traditional fishermen's houses which also proposed here homestays for visitors..explore these boards,it doesn't matter lol,feel free to ask for any hesitation..huhu~

The conceptual development boards..
nihaa detail action plan ,site aq at Tg Buai..huhu~

The site plan

section,elevation and sketches..and also the pallette..

well,this is what i'm busying 4,4 da whole semester..huhu~
(Malay)haihh..mrangkak juge kengkadang 2 an..hehe~fuh,akhrnye,xsabo asenye nk tggu gred..pelaa yg aq dpt an..huhu~pasrah sjalaa..da terbaek daa aq uat yg t'mmpu..huhu~tp de gak yg aq ase2nye perlu improve,bnyk ag yg aq perlu plajari..hehe~jya..matta da ne~..hehe~w'slm..

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