..agak-agak xsuka lagu ganas2 leylaa click speaker yg kt ats 2 tuk off dat song n play lak diz song yg agk lembut cket..hehe~
..layanz laa beb..huu~
^(Melly Goeslow-Tanyakan pada Rumput Yang Bergoyang)^
^(Nera Af9-kasihku milikmu)^
^(sekali lagi ost)^

..desu Noo-to..

.. world of da dead soul of a gurl..enjoy~ v(^,~) ..hee~

omoshiroi no koto de~..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

since when..?till when..?

Enough 4 me saying here dat i'm juz a loser..
in everything..l.o.v.e, f.w.e.n.s.h.i.p, f.a.m.i.l.y,..
but y?I've tried everything dat i could so dat everyone would satisfied..
but still,I'm da one who're not satisfy with myself..
I've tried,n till now, i'm still trying to make it perfect..even i know dat there's none of it'll b perfect..
Until know,i'm still wondering,is there any love 4 me?
Aishite mo ii desu ka?naani attendayo?hmm..

..iklan sebentar..