..agak-agak xsuka lagu ganas2 leylaa click speaker yg kt ats 2 tuk off dat song n play lak diz song yg agk lembut cket..hehe~
..layanz laa beb..huu~
^(Melly Goeslow-Tanyakan pada Rumput Yang Bergoyang)^
^(Nera Af9-kasihku milikmu)^
^(sekali lagi ost)^

..desu Noo-to..

.. world of da dead soul of a gurl..enjoy~ v(^,~) ..hee~

omoshiroi no koto de~..

Friday, July 29, 2011

That words..the words "i love you"..

 I'm scared of the words "i love you"..
which are not the words that I'm familiar with..
with my stiff lips,
I shout "i love you"..to your back..
as we can breathe under the same sky,
only the desire that I can't have..
without noticing it grows bigger,
and returning just hurt..
I might just smiling,while standing right beside you..
I might just crying, while turning my back to go away from you..
well, deep down inside..
I might just praying for the best that you can get in your life..
sayonara, suki na hito~..

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