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Monday, April 23, 2012

me nag, nag, nag and nag?haha~ignore it..

ermm,told ya what,did u ever been critics in front of you,people do say bad thing bout you, yaah, it's good 2 say face to face rather than saying at someone back,but one thing that u need to realize, do not overdo it. And i experienced it yesterday and today..haha,what a joke laa kan..well,dat person just want to make others laugh without thinking that at the same time is that for real?it's only your personal assumption,while others have another judgement, don't share your stupid assumption without thinking reflecting to yourself back.. Sometimes we need to think in a opposite way,what if you at that person side?hahahaha,been laughed at, thinks that it is funny?satisfy that you can make others laugh at a person?what?nk buat as a lessons?not good man when  you just simply take some person saying that she or he is the best in their own ways, but at the same time gives the example of the bad person, yaah, you can,but not straight away appoint your finger. Remember this,once you appoint your finger to a person,the others 4 of your finger are appoint to yourself..well, i've learn bout some other people kind of minded yesterday and today, eventhough i've been communicate wif people in dealing or selling since my childhood,but this is anthr kind of manner that pissed me off. Simply saying, judging and assuming others people style without first see yourself in a mirror?mayat pakai tudung belit2 ke jang?alaahai,ceteknye pengetahuan encik ni,mayat bertocang ats laa brader,even aq xpena ag hadiri pengebumian jenazah,ha'ah,aq de blaja maa kt sek, pocong 2 sume bagai,taulaa aq,tp bia betik mamat tuh,mayat pakai tdung belit2?pna x g  tgk mayat nie?haha,what a joke, man..and other things, xpyh nk kaitkn people who wearing tdung n bju kurung, but the wrong is just the style of her coat is not right, kaitkan dgn clubbing?what the fuck, man?nmpk sgt da, kate formal, do it in a manner that u are respecting others too,lam otk aq pe tau, "ok,this man know how to dress to go to clubbing, n ok fine,aq xtau lak bju 2 yg dpkai tuk g clubbing sbb mmg aq xlyn clubbing tp setahu aq laa pakaiannye sexy,xdelaa plak b'coat bagai,bertdung and b'baju kurung, n what coporate man attitude is that?nmpk daa dia pnye hentam keromo tanpe pikir panjng" slapnye just wrong wearing coat o blazer twos dtduh coat yg dpkai tuk g clubbing,bgus siak minded dia ni.."WA RESPECT LAA SAMA LU BROTHER~!!"..puiii~xley blaaa~

naah,guys,lessons for yesterday and today.. to be a good motivator or fasilitator o seangkatan dgnnye, it doesn't mean you need to appoint to the bad person because of their appearance to gives an example, it's kinda jerk..do it in a proper way, corporate people rite?formal rite?from gov sector rite?since when people from government sector 'pandang badi/tanggap buruk' pd student nie?psl style je pnye psl?hahahaha~cian dia,xabes ckup gaul ag 2 dgn owg 2..emm,xpe2,aq pn same gak kowt~,psni i'll meet other kind of person lak..not all people as nice as your positive thinking on first assumption of a people, am..huu,k.. n other things also,aq knelaa tmbh pengetahuan am, yerlaa even pengetahuan 2 pengetahuan aq sndri..haha,joking~well, this N-3 don't have any intention to harm people or any negative things, it's just my unsatisfaction and rather than just let it babbling and wondering in my mind,i need to burst it out, which at least i can release my own mind yg da agk messy nowadays nie, and also i'm not expecting others or anyone to read this..ahha~..aishoooo,sape da terbace 2 sile delete yerr.. heee ~ ;P~

hmm,ahhhhhh(tarik nafas lega)k, done..daaa~slm.. ;))


  1. haha..hei gurl..jgn marah2 eh..aq da terbace neh..cmne??? hahaha xmo delete xmo delete..nk ingat smpai ble2...hahaha..act for me la kann..the things like mayat or whatever dat bro talked about is just the way like people who want to condemn the hijab style nowadays..they didn't like it..so they'll talked about it without think more on the other people who faced it..so let them talked and be ur self..as long as it is a good things to do :)ok chill ya

    1. hahaha,delete it jann sinuja~ huhuhu,well,yeah,i'll take da pstve ones as granted..hee,look at it in a pstve ways..haha,kann?hmm,yeye poyo jek mmt tuh..huu~well,beselaa manusia kn lelaen atynyaa,haha,haait~thanx yaw~ ;))


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